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100-Card Foil-Etched Base Set
Star Trek Sketch Cards

Other BONUS Sets Include:

Star Trek Heroes- 50 Cards
50-card, metal set, featuring the 50 greatest heroes in Star Trek history!

Star Trek ArtiFex- 50 Cards
50-card set featuring original portraits by renowned portrait artist Emily Tester!

Star Trek ArtiFex Originals - 50 Cards
The original portraits by Emily Tester were specifically commissioned in trading card format, and each original, one-of-a-kind, original piece of art will be randomly inserted for lucky collectors to find! A chance to own a piece of history!

Star Trek Tech Evolution- 9 Cards
Incredible 9-card set tracing the progression of phasers, tricorders and more
throughout the Star Trek timeline!

Ships of the Line - 9 Cards
9-card set featuring every version of the U.S.S. Enterprise, as well as Voyager,
Deep Space Nine and more!

Starfleet Captains- 18 Cards
18-card set depicting the lead characters of each Star Trek TV series, as well as several other key captains throughout the TV and movie mythology!

Star Trek Phaser Cut - 10 Cards
Amazing 10-card set featuring the Captains and First Officers of the five TV series,
in a high tech format never before seen in any set of Star Trek cards!

Case Toppers:
Captain's Series Expansion - Captain Archer Card

6-Case Incentive:
The first-ever Relic Cards from the hull of the U.S.S. Enterprise

9-Case Incentive:
Dual Autograph Card Signed by William Shatner (Captain Kirk) and Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard)

18-Case Incentive:
STAR TREK 50th Anniversary Trading Cards
Archive Box, including an exclusive set of 4 Color
Printing Plates used to make the front of one
base set card!

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