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Dream Casting: Rock Candy Mountain
Joann Sfar's vampire analysis novel Monsters' Shrink gets live-action TV series
Marvel’s New Warriors adds Keith David to cast of super-misfit series
Booze is overflowing in interstellar space
Remake of Coppola's early slasher flick Dementia 13 chopping its way into theaters
Reverie's Sendhil Ramamurthy on new "Oculus Rift times a thousand" NBC show
Spencer & Locke writer David Pepose: Film adaptation "more than wildest dreams"
Henry Cavill hilariously addresses his Justice League mustache issues
Rumor of the Day: Is Rogue One's Spencer Wilding playing Vader in new Han Solo film?
Jon Hamm plays a hologram of his former self in new Marjorie Prime trailer
Damon Lindelhof may not be working on Watchmen HBO series
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Gal Gadot was a real Wonder Woman for little girls at Comic-Con
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Objects in Space 7/26: We heart talking cats
Chris Wood hints at Mon-El suiting up in Supergirl Season 3
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Lionsgate setting up a John Wick universe with spec action script Ballerina
Exclusive: Smart sharks return as Deep Blue Sea 2 enters production
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Avengers: Infinity War structured after 'smash and grab '90s heist films'
Neill Blomkamp directing 'Inception meets True Detective' flick The Gone World
James Cameron eyeing new Terminator trilogy
Marvel's Star Wars series announces a superstar new creative team for this fall
Wonder Woman 2 lassos December 2019 release date
Report: Zack Snyder's DC Films future diminished to non-creative role
100 billion brown dwarfs lurk in the galaxy
Watch 300 Jedi Knights slaughter 60K soldiers in epic battle simulation
Jared Leto offered Valiant's Bloodshot role by Sony Pictures
Leonardo DiCaprio bringing The Right Stuff to National Geographic
Slip on this sinister $900 Pennywise the Clown mask for Halloween
Marvel prepping its longest and shortest movies to date
Watch: Stan Lee honored outside TCL Chinese Theatre
Watch: The Originals cast, creator on the challenge of ending a story about immortals
J.R.R. Tolkien biopic circles X-Men: Apocalypse star for lead role
New trailer lands for Close Encounters of the Third Kind 4K UHD release
Tom Felton no longer series regular for The Flash Season 4
Objects in Space 7/25: Con drop is a thing
James Wan's long-lost horror flick Demonic finally airing, 4 years later
TNT’s The Last Ship SDCC panel released more than just a mutant microbe
New horror-themed art exhibit honors the best fright flicks of 1987
Dr. Travis Langley on exploring the psychology of Wonder Woman, Supernatural, and fandom
Spider-Man: Homecoming VFX supervisor reveals how the Ferry scene came together
United Airlines bans San Diego Comic-Con travelers from taking comic books in luggage
Marvel's Iron Fist taps Elektra writer and Sleepy Hollow EP as new showrunner
Patrick Stewart's Kang conquers all in new LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 trailer
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Believe it or not, these planetary pictures were taken from Earth!
SYFY's Krypton SDCC Panel blows open the massive conspiracy against Superman
Gucci's fall fashion line video is a retro salute to cool classic sci-fi
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James Franco stars in first trailer for 'The Town meets Sixth Sense' film The Vault
Futurama's Matt Groening lands new animated fantasy series at Netflix
Remembering when George A. Romero literally walked out on Hollywood
SharkFest to Sharknado: Nat Geo Wild's experts on pop culture evolution of sharks
Hot Toys' Gladiator Hulk and Roadworn Thor figures duke it out in the Grandmaster's arena
Star Trek: Discovery lead is actually Spock's adopted sister
Director found for J.R.R. Tolken biopic
Henry Cavill to get a digital shave for Justice League
Spider-Man, Civil War, and the power of lowered stakes in Marvel movies
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Creators of new comic Elsewhere reveal Amelia Earhart's fantastic fate
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Lucifer brings hellfire and mayhem in Season 3 trailer
Game of Thrones Week 2 Power Rankings: Which Great House is best poised to win it all?
Channing Tatum says Fox is 'rethinking' approach to Gambit film
Whedon's Justice League reshoots costing $25 million, adding ‘connective tissue’
Objects in Space 7/24: Tacos are tasty
The Great American Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 (Part 2)
Stan Lee lends his voice to new superhero audio book project
NASA's Gene Kranz wants you to save Apollo-era mission control
M. Night Shyamalan's Glass adds American Horror Story alum to cast